Content Highlights

eBook Template Design

We designed this eBook for a finance professional to communicate his unique value to potential clients.

B2B infographic: Direct Mail Marketing

We created this pizza-themed infographic to demonstrate to readers how direct mail can really boost local business.

B2B Lead Magnet

This B2B lead magnet garnered 50 leads a week for the client over the course of one month, and served as a valuable resource for prospects.

B2B infographic: eddm

Here’s an infographic that shows small business owners how they can use the USPS’s direct mail service to get more customers.

Top-Ranking Blog Post Sample

This blog post was the top-performing page on the whole website within a few days of publication.

Fact Sheet Lead Magnet

This custom-designed fact sheet was used as a lead magnet for an informational website,

B2B infographic: Buyer’s Journey

This infographic was created to promote the client’s software (SaaS) product, Tactile Marketing Automation.

Marketing Persona Sample

We created this marketing persona to help a client identify their target audience and align content production across dispersed teams.

B2B Lead Magnet Sample

Here's a B2B lead magnet for that was created to help small businesses determine which of the SBA loan programs might be the best fit for them.

Viral Blog Post Sample

This blog received nearly 100x more likes and shares than any post before the client engaged Tigris.

B2B Blog Post Sample

This B2B blog post offers marketing tips to solopreneurs and salespeople.

Article Writing for Print Sample

Here's a print piece commissioned by TD Magazine. This piece is both an example of Tigris's B2B copywriting and case study writing.


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