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What We Do

Tigris is a B2B content marketing agency that helps those in the professional services, web apps, and martech industries get more business through their websites.


Marketing StrategY and Consultation


Brand Journalism


Lead Generation


Email List Growth


Top-Tier Blogging Services


Editorial Calendar Management


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“Amanda Layman is one of the smartest, most thoughtful, honest, best-organized, creative, forward-thinking people in the business. I hired her for one small job and ended up keeping her long term.

It’s a blessing having her as part of the team and anyone else would be lucky to have Tigris, with her at the helm, managing any aspect of their content creation, management and distribution platform.”

-Blake Janover, Founder and CEO of Multifamily.Loans


“We love working with Tigris for their quick turnaround and willingness to always take content to the next level through research, custom design, and keyword strategy. Tigris has shared valuable best practices that have helped us meet our content marketing objectives and alleviated a lot of the pressure from producing content in-house.”

-Rob Walz, Content Marketing Manager at PFL


“Amanda is fantastic to work with! She deeply understands our industry and the topics we throw her way and can easily adapt to our changing editorial calendar. Tigris’s writing is informative and interesting while still capturing our brand voice.”

-Allie Wolff, Marketing Manager at Hatchbuck


“Getting the right content, in the right style, at the right time is crucial to the success of our business.  Amanda Layman at Tigris guided us through a content (written & visual) development process which resulted in helping us to achieve results in the global market. Amanda is creative, smart, personable, and a great business partner.  It is my pleasure and privilege to recommend Tigris as an industry-leader.”

-Thilagaraj Gopalan, CEO of Cadbridge Corporation


Tigris: Highlights of Our Work

Here are some content marketing project highlights from the Tigris team. Find B2B case studies, whitepapers, and blog posts; checklists, lead magnets, marketing personas, and more.

B2B Lead Magnet Sample

This B2B lead magnet garnereed 50 leads a week for the client over the course of one month, and served as a valuable resource for prospects.

Fact Sheet Lead Magnet

This custom-designed fact sheet was used as a lead magnet for an informational website, SBA7a.loans.

Top-Ranking Blog Post Sample

This blog post was the top-performing page on the whole website within a few days of publication.

Marketing Persona Sample

We created this marketing persona to help a client identify their target audience and align content production across dispersed teams.

B2B Lead Magnet Sample

Here's a B2B lead magnet for SBA7a.loans that was created to help small businesses determine which of the SBA loan programs might be the best fit for them.

Viral Blog Post Sample

This blog received nearly 100x more likes and shares than any post before the client engaged Tigris.

B2B Blog Post Sample

This B2B blog post offers marketing tips to solopreneurs and salespeople.

B2B Case Study Sample

This B2B case study uses a succinct, story-based approach to communicate how the client solved their customer's key business issues.


Interactive PDF Sample

This interactive PDF is a checklkist designeed for small business owners inteerested in taking out an SBA loan. We used this as a lead magnet for the client, both as a downloadable resource on their website and within paid ad campaigns.

Mini Case Study Sample

We created the content for this miniature case study series. The idea was to depict, in as few words as possible, how a consulting firm helped a client with a Big Data transformation.

Profile Article Sample

Here's a search-optimized profile piece featuring an original interview with author Jeff O'Connell.

B2B Whitepaper Sample

This was a B2B whitepaper written for trade show marketers, as part of a promotional product manufacturer's content marketing strategy.

Listicle Sample

Here's a custom listicle on digital marketing written for a leading media site, Mediabistro.com.

Article Writing for Print Sample

Here's a print piece commissioned by TD Magazine. This piece is both an example of Tigris's B2B copywriting and case study writing.

Infographic Sample

Here's an original infographic we wrote and designed for a client. This piece was turned around in less than 24 hours.


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What's content marketing?

Content marketing is creating and sharing multimedia content that isn't overly promotional, but generates and retains customers’ interest in that company's product or solution.

Content marketing fits into the bigger picture of your sales funnel, though it can also serve as a lead generation tactic on its own.

What Kind of Clients Does Tigris Serve?

We're a content marketing agency for companies who sell tech solutions (web services, apps, SaaS) to marketers and creatives.

Most of our work is in business-to-business (B2B) content strategy and creation, though some falls into the business-to-consumer (B2C) category.

What should I expect when I hire Tigris?

We use the same five-step process each month during each client engagement. Here's a quick breakdown of how it works:

Setup: Implement the tools and foundation you need to drive business to your website.

Website Audit: Improve search ranking and the time users spend on your site immediately through SEO fixes.

Research: Get to know your ideal customers and your company, in order to develop your marketing messaging.

Production: Create and promote content that moves your customers to action.

Evaluation: Improve and hone your content strategy by evaluating key data, and applying that to the next round of content.

How Long Does it Take to Get Results?

We've found that it typically takes three months to start seeing results with content marketing, and six months to get really stellar results. We don't want you to sign up for something indefinite -- that feels awkward and like a massive commitment (we just met, after all!)

But at the same time, we've seen companies time and again that "try" their own content marketing for a month or so, only to be disappointed that it seems like it's not working. No matter who you work with, you'll find that the best results come with a little time and hard work.

Are you an agency?

We're a boutique content marketing agency, offering end-to-end content services. We do these main things for our clients:

  • Improve your ranking in Google and Bing search results

  • Plan and create ideal content for your customers at each stage of their journey

  • Write, edit, and design sales and marketing assets and recurring content like blogs and social posts

  • Help distribute your content through both organic (email, social media, SEO) and paid (Google ads, billboards, direct mail) methods.

  • Track performance of content across all channels

  • Provide technical improvements to your website for better search ranking and lead capture

Do You Do SEO?

It depends on what you mean by SEO. While search-engine optimization used to mean a bunch of technical hacks and keyword techniques, it's evolved. Now, SEO requires knowledge in both technical best practices and human behavior.

Good SEO requires good content. You simply can't get away with churning out mediocre content with worn-out images and expect to get to the top of search results pages.

We provide on-page search engine optimization as part of our content development process, and we also provide recommendations for technical changes to improve your position in SERPs.

How many blog posts can I get for $X?

Our monthly contracts are based on word count, not on number of articles — giving you flexibility in terms of what we create together. Each contract also includes graphic design and illustration.

If you’re not sure how much content you need, that’s why we’re here. Tigris focuses on connecting deeply with your target audience through smartly crafted content. While one business may need thousands of words per week, another may only need one high-quality eBook to see an explosion of new leads. We’ll help you work out the best solution for you.

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Tigris was founded in 2016 by Amanda Layman in Springfield, Missouri.




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